Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mooyah Burgers & Fries

What: Mooyah Burgers & Fries will be donating 20% of their proceeds to our September event! Just come, drop your receipt in our jar, and enjoy fresh, never-frozen burgers, made-in-house fries, and thick yummy shakes.   

When: June 27-30 (Mon-Thu) from 5-10pm each day

Where: Mooyah at Park and Plano Parkway, near Willow Bend Mall

Tell your friends! Come all four days!

That's 4 children fed for every $5 you spend.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fund Raising Ideas

MobilePack Fundraising
Feeding God’s Starving Children Hungry in Body and Spirit

MobilePack Event Fund Raising – Strategies for Success

1)      Organize a “Consume Less” campaign:  Encourage people to eat out less, buy less coffee, rent a movie, etc., and then donate the saved dollars to the MobilePack event.    The most successful “Consume Less” campaigns run 4-6 weeks and culminate with a ceremony/celebration where people/families bring in their savings and donate it towards the packing event.  Incorporating messages from the pulpit regarding hunger, stewardship, and blessing the poor can increase the effectiveness of the campaign

2)      Benevolence and Mission Fund giving:  Ask your church!

3)      Corporate Sponsorship Program:  Invite your employers to sponsor the MobilePack event, or to donate $60/employee volunteer (the cost of the meals each volunteer will pack). Sponsors would be publicized at the event.

4)      Special Events:  Organize a rummage sale, bake sale, hunger banquet, lemonade stand, etc.

5)      Initiate a Kingdom Building Project:  The basic concept is to give away small amounts of the raised funds to individuals or groups (typically $20 to $100), tasking them to pray on how to multiply the funds for the Kingdom, specifically the mobile packing event.  Once individuals have prayed and created an idea and the funds are used to execute their Kingdom Building Project.  Kingdom Building Projects have successfully resulted in turning a few hundred dollars into thousands.

General Fund Raising Ideas
·       Distribute M&M Tubes.
·       Set a Monetary Goal; feed a child for a year ($88), feed 1,000 children for a day ($240). A great goal for a group coming to pack is to purchase one box of meals apiece (216 meals costing $52), which is approximately the number of meals each individual packs per session.
·       Adopt an Orphanage; commit to feed a group of children for a year. Post a calendar where church members sign up to pay for a day of meals (for example, $48 to feed 200 children).
·       Create Competition; ask a Sunday school class to collect Coins for Change or Change for Change.
·       Have a Hunger Banquet; plan a hunger banquet with proceeds going to Feed My Starving Children. Ask me about speaking at the event or showing an FMSC video.
·       Conduct a Hunger Campaign; ask people to list the food they eat for a week, and then serve a FMSC-like meal such as rice prepared with soup mix. Invite people to give up a meal and donate that money to the MobilePack event. Challenge families to eat only rice for one meal each month or week, donating to the MobilePack event what otherwise would have spent. (To learn more, visit
·       Collect Pledges; collect pledges based on quarters collected or meals packed at Feed My Starving Children or a MobilePack event, or random activities, such as laps run during PE class, books read during a designated month, bible versus memorized, bible pages read, etc.
·       Tribute Cards; I have these available, email to requrest one.
·       Buy T-Shirts; buy Feed My Starving Children T-shirts ($15 apiece) to wear at the MobilePack event, 25% of purchase will go to the MobilePack event.
·       Change War; conduct a change war challenge among classes or groups; donating pennies awards points to a class or group, while coins other than pennies count against the class, students can sabotage other classes by putting quarters, dimes, nickels or dollars in the other classes' coin jars.
·       Sunday Designation; designate a Sunday at church when every member of the church, children through adults are encouraged to buy a bag of food to feed six people for a day. Take a special collection or have children stand at the doors with baskets. Further, encourage each person to bring a donation for the local food shelf.

·       Work;  bag groceries, rake leaves, wash cars or shovel snow for a donation
·       Create Events; all-school race, talent show with a $5 entry fee, bake sale, pancake breakfast, bingo night, dance-a-thon, bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, or some other a-thon.
·       Create Awareness; special booth at the school carnival
·       Have a raffle or auction.
·       Your Own Creative Idea!

M&M Fund Raiser

TOTAL raised so far from M&M quarters: $6,369!
1. Buy M&Ms from me for $1 per tube
2. Eat Mini M&Ms
3. Fill tube with quarters collected from friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, your dresser, etc.
4. Return to FMSC MobilePack day September 23-24 when you come to pack, OR return to First UMC Carrollton Mon-Thu 9-5 or Fri 9-12

1 tube full of quarters = $14 = 58 children fed.
4 tubes full of quarters = $56 = 233 children fed, or approximately the amount of meals you will pack in a two-hour shift.

Consider doing this as a youth group, Scout troop, class, children's ministry at a church, etc. M&M tubes are $1 each.
Drop off your quarters at:

First United Methodist Church of Carrollton (2201 E. Hebron Parkway, Carrollton, 75010)
Monday - Thursday, 9-5.

The Food

The food that we pack and send is a packet of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamin-fortified chicken flavoring that has been engineered by dietitians to be exactly what an undernourished child needs.
Each meal costs only 24 cents, so to cover the cost of the meals that we will be packing in September, we will need to raise $36,000.
The food is distributed by FMSC to pre-existing, local organizations worldwide. They give to places such as clinics, refugee camps, missions organizations, etc.

Upcoming Event

Our next scheduled event will be September 23-24, 2011 at First Church Carrollton (2201 E. Hebron Parkway, Carrollton).

We will be packing 150,000 meals!

The cost of this event/our fund raising goal is $36,000. (Check out our fund raising ideas!)

FUN FACT: We have packed just over 880,000 meals in the Dallas area. So, if you do the math... someone at this event will be packing FMSC Dallas's 1,000,000th meal! That's something to celebrate! 1,000,000 meals will feed about 2,740 children for an entire year.

Registration is available here. In the mean time, talk to me about how you can help us cover the cost of all of these meals (

How to Get Involved

Learn more about the organization:
- -Particularly check out the Video Library
Participate in the next event:
Volunteer with us or come visit just to check out what it looks like if you're not sure
- - September 24, 2011 at First UMC Carrollton (DONATE) (VOLUNTEER)

Tell people about it and organize a group to come.

Invite your Sunday School class, small group, office, congregation, classmates, etc.
- -Videos, print materials, flyers, sign-up sheets etc. available upon request via email

Organize a fund raiser
- -Have a garage sale!
- -Have a pancake breakfast!
- -Have a change drive!
- -Have a bake sale!
- -Check out the M&M Fund Raiser! It is a lot of fun and has been a great success in the past. Great for kids and youth, too.

Host your own MobilePack Event:
Email me ( to request information about hosting an event.
I can help with publicity and fund raising as much or as little as you want!

Ask to be added to the FMSC Dallas email list
Email me at and let me know, and I'll add you!