Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Get Involved

Learn more about the organization:
- -Particularly check out the Video Library
Participate in the next event:
Volunteer with us or come visit just to check out what it looks like if you're not sure
- - September 24, 2011 at First UMC Carrollton (DONATE) (VOLUNTEER)

Tell people about it and organize a group to come.

Invite your Sunday School class, small group, office, congregation, classmates, etc.
- -Videos, print materials, flyers, sign-up sheets etc. available upon request via email

Organize a fund raiser
- -Have a garage sale!
- -Have a pancake breakfast!
- -Have a change drive!
- -Have a bake sale!
- -Check out the M&M Fund Raiser! It is a lot of fun and has been a great success in the past. Great for kids and youth, too.

Host your own MobilePack Event:
Email me ( to request information about hosting an event.
I can help with publicity and fund raising as much or as little as you want!

Ask to be added to the FMSC Dallas email list
Email me at and let me know, and I'll add you!

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