Thursday, June 23, 2011

Upcoming Event

Our next scheduled event will be September 23-24, 2011 at First Church Carrollton (2201 E. Hebron Parkway, Carrollton).

We will be packing 150,000 meals!

The cost of this event/our fund raising goal is $36,000. (Check out our fund raising ideas!)

FUN FACT: We have packed just over 880,000 meals in the Dallas area. So, if you do the math... someone at this event will be packing FMSC Dallas's 1,000,000th meal! That's something to celebrate! 1,000,000 meals will feed about 2,740 children for an entire year.

Registration is available here. In the mean time, talk to me about how you can help us cover the cost of all of these meals (

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