Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You (& Final Numbers)!

Way to go folks! We had another successful event this weekend, and I, for one, had a lot of fun as well.

The final numbers:

721 boxes of food packaged
155,736 meals packaged
426 kids fed for an entire year!

The final numbers on fund raising are not available yet, some accounting still has to be done. The last of the funds are due October 23, so there is still plenty of time to contribute if you have not yet. I'm not sure exactly how close we are to the goal, but I know we can still use your help!

I'd like to take a minute here and say thanks to some people without whom this weekend just couldn't have happened:

Elrod's Cost Plus/GE Foodland Markets customers for matching all donations to the event
    (And Jon Beckman, Dan McCann, and the rest of their management and employees for working so hard at putting together their dollar drive)

All of the people who put in SERIOUS hours doing all kinds of odd jobs that needed to be done, going way above and beyond the call of a regular volunteer:

   -Lindy & Lindsey Thomas
   -Dane Daniels
   -Lauren Shirley
   -Susanna Thomas
   -Elizabeth Nelson
   -Jimin Bae
   -Karen & Sam Pedersen
   -Mary Jurisich
   -Greg & Robin Swindle

Thanks to The Ridge Church and Jeannette Ingram for letting us borrow your tables! It saved us a lot of money that we might have spent on renting them.

Thanks to Denise Beckman, Susanna Thomas, and Mary Ann Clayton for providing snacks and meals for our staff members!

And thanks to everybody that came out, and/or those of you that spent a lot of time and energy organizing groups to come out. I particularly appreciate those of you, like Gwen Jurisich and Robin Swindle with FUMC Carrollton, UTD Focus, Stonebriar's Journey of Faith class, the Sunshine Girls, Scott Dugan at Northeast Church, and others who organized fund raisers prior to the event to help pay for the meals.

And I know I forgot some of you, please feel free to comment or let me know if I left you out and I will add you to the list.

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